Medical coverage for Ukrainian refugees: procedure for registration

Ukrainian refugees are entitled to reimbursement of their medical expenses. In order to receive medical coverage, they will have to register at a health insurance fund. Please follow the below procedure.

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  • STEP 1: Registration at the immigration office

    After registration at the immigration office, refugees receive the status of refugees with temporary protection.

    Where? Heizel (Palace 8, Brussels Expo)

  • STEP 2: Registration at LM

    Ukrainian refugees will be registered as residents entitled to reimbursement of their medical expenses. Moreover, they are granted a higher reimbursement.

    Which documents do they need?

    In order to register, they will need one of the following documents:

    • certificate of temporary protection (delivered by the immigration services)
    • proof of registration (delivered by immigration services, whilst awaiting temporary protection)
    • appendix 15 (temporary document whilst awaiting an A card for limited stay in Belgium)

    How to contact LM?

    Please contact the nearest office.

Do you have questions?

We will be pleased to help you : contact us.

More information on Ukrainian refugees’ residence permit and rights in Belgium :